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No 21, spruce and English Cherry, 2009

The very first post I made in this blog featured a guitar made from English cherry.  Doc Rossi has just posted a video where he plays this guitar.  Sounding even better than I remember.

The Twagger Band at The Old Meeting House

Twaggers Ellie 2

On Friday 15th May 2015 The Twagger Band are playing at The Old Meeting House, The Twitten, Ditchling, BN6 8UJ.  Starts at 7:30, £6 on the door, including a glass of wine!  We’re not robbing you are we?

The Old Meeting House is a beautiful Unitarian Chapel with wonderful acoustics for playing.  I’ll be playing a few of my instruments in the company of:

Derrick Hughes:  Northumbrian small pipes, serpent and every kind of whistly thing you can imagine.
Joy Lewis:  Hammer dulcimer, celtic harp and vocals
Sue Evans:  Hammer dulcimer and concertina
Will Duke:  Concertina and vocals

Twaggers Ellie 3

Video “The Making of Olah”

A video by Kris Pawlowski showing the construction and handover of a long scale 12 string for John Fowler.  John is quite the deftest 12 string player I’ve ever heard as you can see in the second half of the video.  Then at the end he checks out the pickup before plugging into his looper and having a bit of fun – a wonderfully satisfying moment.

Soundtrack to the first half of the video is by John’s Band The Halo Project.

There’s a slightly embarrassing moment – for me, the maker, that is – half way through when I’m trying to explain that a long scale 12 string with medium gauge strings is the kind of thing that can make a luthier nervous! I make light highly responsive guitars, it took a lot of care and attention to get just the right compromise between my usual instruments and the massive tension on an instrument like this

It all turned out well – that high tension produces massive power.  This is without doubt the loudest instrument I’ve ever made.  And it’s gone to a great player.  Kris’s video is just the icing on the cake – a very satisfying video.

Last of The Bull sessions

After over ten years we’re moving to The White Horse, just across the road. Good turn out and some great music for the last night at The Bull, even the barmaids were dancing. 


Next Ditchling session at The White Horse, Sunday April 27th starting at 8pm.

Scotch and Soda

A little after dinner music making, just one of those perfect moments.  Lucie Broadbent singing, I’m playing #34, rosewood and bearclaw jumbo.  Lovely song, beautifully sung by Lucie, finally got my head round that chord progression ….