Tenor Guitar videos

Tenor Guitar videos

My old friend Will Fly and I got together to try out a recently completed tenor guitar before I shipped it off to its new owner.  It’s maple and spruce with Waverley tuners on a slotted headstock and some rather nice vintage inspired fingerboard markers.

Here’s Will playing Josefin’s Waltz by Roger Tallroth, I’m accompanying him on a Martin O28 made in 1900 – a lovely battered old relic.

And then I get a bit of a blues jam.  Will is playing a 1917 Gibson L1 archtop.

Tenor guitar tuned C G D A.

Just before I shipped this guitar the new owner emailed me “Be sure to give my regards to Will Fly.  Of course, he is the one responsible (via You Tube) for this project.  Hopefully he will bless this guitar and stuff a little Blues mojo into it!”.  I think we nailed it!



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