Ian Chisholm

For sale

I mostly make instruments to commission but I do sometimes have them for sale.  These could be instruments I’ve made for myself and played for a while.  There’s a limit to the number of guitars a man can own – I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true.  Very occasionally I will have a new instrument available for immediate sale.  I’ll list instruments here or contact me to see if anything may be available.

If I hear of an instrument available second hand I’ll list it here as well but people seem to like them – I’ve made nearly 100 instruments and I’m only aware of a very few that have changed owners.



I made this tenor guitar in 2020, its owner now has serious back problems and can no longer play it. English cherry back and sides, sitka spruce front. Grover tuners, K&K pickup. Contact me and I will put you in touch with the owner. The instrument is currently in Kent, SE England.



Baritone Cittern (or 10 string mandocello).
Indian rosewood back and sides, sitka spruce front.
Scale length 710mm, body width 420mm.
Typical tuning C G d g c’.

I don’t have a sound clip but Doc Rossi plays a very similar instrument on here notably in the intro.


SOLD: Model 0 guitar in walnut and cedar.

People often want the lowest action, the lightest strings. This guitar is me trying to push as far as I can in that direction. Walnut and cedar, Martin ‘0’ style with a custom set of 010 gauge strings (I really don’t like the regular D’Daddario extra light acoustic set). A very plain guitar with a rather nice walnut back. It’s been in the workshop for a few months and it’s had a little rework while I made sure I was happy, I’ve learnt a bit, now I think I’m ready to let it to go.

Style ‘0’ guitar.
Cedar and Walnut
Extra light super responsive construction
.010 gauge strings, happy with .011 but I wouldn’t recommend anything heavier