Ian Chisholm

For sale

I mostly make instruments to commission but I do sometimes have them for sale.  These could be instruments I’ve made for myself and played for a year or so.  There’s a limit to the number of guitars a man can own – I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true.  Very occasionally I will have a new instrument available for immediate sale.  I’ll list instruments here or contact me to see if anything may be available.

If I hear of an instrument available second hand I’ll list it here as well but people seem to like them – I’ve made around 80 instruments and I’m only aware of two that have changed owners.

Nothing for sale at this time (Feb 2022)


SOLD: Model 0 guitar in walnut and cedar.

People often want the lowest action, the lightest strings. This guitar is me trying to push as far as I can in that direction. Walnut and cedar, Martin ‘0’ style with a custom set of 010 gauge strings (I really don’t like the regular D’Daddario extra light acoustic set). A very plain guitar with a rather nice walnut back. It’s been in the workshop for a few months and it’s had a little rework while I made sure I was happy, I’ve learnt a bit, now I think I’m ready to let it to go.

Style ‘0’ guitar.
Cedar and Walnut
Extra light super responsive construction
.010 gauge strings, happy with .011 but I wouldn’t recommend anything heavier