Ian Chisholm


If you decide to commission an instrument we will have a conversation, sometimes a very long conversation – I can talk about guitars till the cows come home – ideally face to face but often by email and we agree on a price and a specification.  Nothing hand made to this quality will ever be cheap but I don’t think my instruments are expensive in terms of what they deliver.  I require a deposit of one third of the price of the instrument before I start, with the balance to be paid on delivery.  I’m happy to involve my customer at every stage of the process.  You are welcome to help choose tonewoods and to visit my workshop.  If you can’t visit my workshop I can email you photos showing progress.

I typically take four months from start to finish and have about three instruments in my workshop at any one time but these figures are very approximate.  I tend to be quite busy so there’s very likely to be a delay before I can start work.  Productivity has much improved since I gave up full time work in the movie industry.

Once you have your instrument I’m always happy to see and hear how it’s progressing.  I learn from this because guitars take time to develop.  They can certainly improve over time and may well change in ways I would like to know about.  My warranty is simply that if anything goes wrong for any reason bring it back and I’ll do the best I can.