The Scoop

The Scoop

I’ve long been an admirer of Nick Benjamin’s Scoop semi cutaway.  When I was asked if I could make one I went and discussed it with Nick who not only was happy for me to copy his idea but gave me a lot of help with how best to implement it.

photos by Kris Pawlowski

This guitar is in Ziricote and spruce with, as usual, a mahogany neck.  Ziricote is a Central American timber that looks stunning – look at those ribs where they meet the tail graft – and sounds pretty good too with the bright richness of high end rosewood.  The offcuts from the back make a very distinctive head veneer.  I was pretty sad to see this one go!

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  1. Rob Naylor

    I can understand you being sad to see it go, but it’s gone to an appreciateive home….if one that needs more practice in order to be truly worthy of it!
    It’s already been getting admiring comments from places as far away as Axminster in Devon and Roy Bridge in Scotland, and you will of course see it reasonably regularly in Ditchling. Thanks again for this beautiful instrument!


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