Baritone Cittern Audio Clip

Baritone Cittern Audio Clip

Audio clip of Doc Rossi playing the Baritone Cittern

This is a brief audio clip from a forthcoming CD of Greek and Corsican music by Doc Rossi.  I conceived this instrument to be tuned with the bottom course a low C, like a cello.  Doc tells me that over the years he has had it he has dropped the tuning and for this recording the bottom course was tuned to F.  He says “I don’t remember whether I’m using a capo on this song, but it’s tuned F (like first fret on a bass guitar) C G C F, with octaves on all pairs. It has a pickup, but I don’t use it, and it sounds great live, with or without a mic”.
I’ll post details of the completed project as soon as I have them.

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