Partying and guitar making

Once a year a group of us host a big party.  We set up a stage and sound system on the back deck and invite every musician we know.  We’ve been doing this for eleven years now, Ditchfest, The Ditchling Back Porch DIY Music Festival.  When I say big, well, no ones counting and opinions vary but we could get 250 people, so a very small festival but a big house party.  One problem with partying on this scale is that people keep losing their glasses and they need endless washing up.  So this year everyone got a clothes peg to write their name on.  If you put your glass down clip the peg on and you’ll know it’s yours.

I use clothes pegs in the workshop to clamp linings to the ribs so throughout the year I’m reminded of who was there.

Happy New year and keep partying!


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